Drawing Suka-Suka

      My Art Work→Drawing Suka-suka 

                    ❝The daily drawing❞

✺Progress : 

      This is My Art Working for My project on 2012. I finishing this project on My Art Studio until 3 month n I did it with My drawing style… As much I made it for 50 drawing sketch with collage text (hand made),drawing pen & colors on paper ± 15cmx20cm… 

      I give the drawing tittle with sign “Drawing Suka-suka”…because I’ve been giving the drawing with many history & story from My Adventure of My life and story from My life style of My Government. The daily day always giving Me so many Idea and teach how You can survive and standing still on Your life….” 

      Don’t worry about Your life,because inside Your life always giving You heart of Art within Your ways. Staying a life….. ❝Keep on Rockin’ in the free World

NB :



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             Art Project on 2015-2016 


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