My Best


⊗ Name     : MixoLydian PurWanto

⊗ Address : Jl.Mayangkara No.1 Surabaya,Indonesia 60256

⊗ Contact  :

☎ +6285232668623







⊗ Hobby    :

✺ Painting,Drawing and Sketching

✺ Music (Contemporary Music,Rock,Blues,Jazz,Rock n Roll,Keroncong,J-Rock)

⊗ Activity  :

✺ Working on Project  (Freelance job & Decoration)

✺ Meditation (Daily Religion,Yoga & Praying)

✺ Painting (My art working,drawing & Sketching)

✺ Travelling

⊗ Art Studio : TanganKanan ArtStudio


✺I am an Indonesian Artist and I was born and  live at Surabaya,Indonesia (East Java) ’till now…” 

I start to studying n learning about Art Draw/Drawing since I’m on 5th… My Father teach Me how to drawing and start to be a Painter…and I start to draw step by step,until I am on High school and Growing up,I start to learning and studying a Painting on SMSR Negeri Surabaya,Indonesia (High school of Painting)

“………Day by day…time by time,in a couple years I try how to learning about Drawing and Painting,absolutly an Art…” and Finally…..YesSs,I did it… 🎨


✺PAGE….This is My time and My work for My Art page and I show You about My Art Work… Drawing,sketching and Painting with a lot of technic and Mixed Media on Art. 

✺Have You enjoying and Fun to feel free showing My Art work… Have a nice day… How art You today? it’s all about how You step on Your daily day. 

NB : “.....I Consider music art because n when I say “that song is art,I don’t mean in comparison to a painting because I feel the visual arts are not nearly as sacred as the transcribed or audio communications,but it is art n I feel this society somewhere has lost its sense of what art is. Art is expression,in expression,You need 100% full freedom n Our freedom to express Our Art is seriously being Fucked with…”